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Nike, When You Have to Go....You Just Go

This Nike ad gives new meaning to the Just Do It slogan.
The dog is was what confuses me though, is it thirsty?
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  1. i dont think this is great for the brand - someone is pissing on the nike brand?

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  3. hahahaha well thats a new campaign strategy

  4. I never saw this as a negative Nike ad. "When you have to go, you have to go", and hes just doing it.
    Its the dog that catches my attention. Maybe he sees this as somebody "marking" in his space. A alpha male thingy?

  5. House of HancockJuly 29, 2007 at 3:41 PM

    I don't see this as a negative ad either... quite funny if you ask me and it definitely expresses their slogan of Just Do It. Maybe the dog is for the animal lovers to relate even more...haha

  6. This advertisement is very negative. If u take away the nike symbol and slogan then you have quite a depressing image. By adding "just do it" no its suppose to be humorous. Well I dont think that it is humorous for the children that actually have to go through something this awful. Furthermore, all that laugh at such things should be really ashamed of yourselves and stand outside of Nike and protest

  7. Nike traditionally places their logo & tagline with some pretty questionable actions..goes along with their strategy of potraying themselves as a "challenger" as opposed to the catagory leader. Think back to the ad depicting a long distance runner going so hard they end up vomited on their own shoes. Amidst the vomit you see the Nike swoosh.

  8. i wonder if nike was daring (or "anti-racist") enough to have a white boy up there in the ad instead of a black one. makes a world of a difference really. try imagining the same ad print but with a white boy. and then evaluate your own reaction...

    one word for this ad: pathetic

    there, thats my two cents

  9. This ad is not for promotion of Nike-- I believe it is making a statement regarding the Nike sweatshops in 3rd world countries and showing what this child's life has been degraded to--urinating on a wall that even the dog won't pee on.


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