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VW Volkswagen Tiguan Cross Country Camping Commercial

Here is a fantastic new ad for the Volkswagen Tiguan entitled "Cross Country" created by DDB, Sydney. The spot features a couple who pull a fast one on their camping friends and couldn't have been done any better.
Agency: DDB Sydney
Client: Volkswagen Tiguan
Executive Creative Director: Dylan Harrison
Creative Director: Steve Wakelam
Creative Director: Nick Pringle
Creative: Malcolm Caldwell
Creative: Ian Broekhuizen
Creative: Steve Wakelam
Creative: Nick Pringle
Creative: Nils Eberhardt
Creative: Steve May
Creative: Jim Curtis
Creative: Ryan Fitzgerald
Digital Producer: Rob Pignone
Digital Production: Per Thoresson
Digital Production: Ramon Rodriguez
Project Director: Ben Elvy
Print Producer: John Wood
Director: Sean Meehan
Executive Producer: Sam McGarry
Production House: Soma Films
Editor: Drew Thompson
Music: Elliott Wheeler
Sound Design: Simon Kane @ Song Zu
Photographer: Nick Meek
Retouching: Layer1
Media: Mediacom
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