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New Crystal Light Commercial -Two Ladies The Beach and One Hot Guy

Great new TV ad for Crystal Light features an interesting story line, one us ladies will find amusing. Two over worked ladies from Chicago on a red eye flight, bikini season is the topic of conversation, the plane crashes on the beach, wait for it...enter the hot guy on the beach who needs help getting water. Love it!

The guy on the beach is Charles Divins who just happens to be from the Passions soap opera, the blonde is played by actress Zibby Allen.

Ad Agency: McgarryBowen
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  1. OMG! This is my fav new commercial! LOVE IT!

  2. I;m gonna get wet

  3. she's gonna get wet, that makes it

  4. Question, the other lady in the ad, is that Andrea Barber of Full House fame, who played the annoying neighbor friend, Kimmy?

  5. I think the other girl is Jama Williamson. Actress from NY. Maybe?

  6. The blonde girl is Zibby Allen, not Andrea Barber.

  7. Since when is a plane crash amusing?

  8. Terrible commercial as Chicago has lovely beaches all along Lake Michigan. Beautiful white sand beaches, with crystal clear water. Get your facts straight Crystal Lite.

  9. I know, right? That bugged me about the no beaches in Chicago!


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