Friday, February 10, 2012

Eli Manning and Gatorade give it to the doubters with a reminder of Eli's two Super Bowl Championships in this print ad that will run in Sports Illustrated.

Client: Gatorade
Ad: G Moment: “Eli Manning”
Executive Creative Director: Patrick O’Neill
Group Creative Director: Brent Anderson
Group Creative Director: Steve Howard
Art Director: Paulo Cruz

Copy Writer: Evan Brown
Group Planning Director: Scott MacMaster
Jr. Planner: Adam Wiese
Worldwide Managing Director: Nick Drake
Account Director: Blake Crosbie
Management Supervisor: Hope Bubnar
Assistant Account Executive: Ralph Lee
Sports Marketing: Lexi Vonderlieth
Project Manager: Karen Thomas
Print Producer: Kerri Sparkman
Art Producer: Sabrina Bajaj
Copy Editor: George Wolfe, Katherine Howells
Director of eGraphics: Darren Murray
Production Coordinator: Bob Hezlep
Retouching Artist: Rick Lagorreta


  1. Isn't that the punchline to a domestic violence joke?

    "What do you tell a woman with two black eyes?"

    "Nothing, you already told her twice."

    Not sure this is such a good idea...

  2. Oh come on, how can you find such a negative from this ad?

  3. Helloooooooo Manning won 2 superbowls, what does it have to do with domestic violence. I like the ad.