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Coca-Cola 2012 Christmas Ad | Together We Make The Magic Happen

Coca-Cola parks the big red trucks and goes for a giant Santa puppet in their 2012 Christmas ad campaign. Coke's "together we make the magic happen" commercial hasn't thrilled me, and it hasn't many of their loyal followers, aside from the song which is great, "Something in the Air" by Lauriana Mae, Grayson Sanders and Jono, the ad just doesn't seem to be as magical as previous Xmas commercials from Coca-Cola, like Snow Globes or last years Shake Up The Happiness that featured Natasha Bedingfield's song "Shake Up Christmas".

The music video for the Coca-Cola Christmas Song 2012 "Something in the Air" by Lauriana Mae, Grayson Sanders and Jono, this we like.

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  1. I agree with you, Sylvia. I like the previous ads better, too. I feel they were more heartfelt than the current ones. This song is great though.

  2. Successful ad campaign, but can you believe they even have a Coca Cola truck tour of the UK at Christmas time - definitely win't be taking the kids to see that!

  3. I prefer the same footage with David Bisbal's song for its Spanish version, it is more thrilling and heartwarming, however I would like to know where was this footage shot from? What city in the world? Thanks!


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