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Remembering Hostess In Happier Times | A Collection of Vintage Twinkie Ho Hos and Ding Dongs Commercials

1.Bear vs. Trailer 
In this classic Twinkies ad, a bear tears open a yellow trailer because it looks like a Twinkie, and is disappointed to find that all there is to eat inside is humans and mutters “Where’s the cream filling?”

2."Celebrating 90 years as America's favorite chocolate cupcake"

Happier times, back in 2009 Hostess celebrated 90 years of goodness with the cup cakes.

Advertising Agency: Bernstein-Rein.
Executive Creative Director: Arlo Oviatt.
Creative Director: Elizabeth Paolini.
Art Director: Paul Prato.
Copywriter: Becky Ervin

3. From 1970 The Twinkies "Space Kids" Commercial

4. Bye bye to the Hostess Ho Hos - Another 70's Commercial

5. Another vintage ad celebrating 40 years of the Hostess Ding Dongs

Ding Dongs -- named for chiming bells used in vintage Hostess television commercials -- are ringing 40 sweet years as one of America's all time favorite snack cakes. Just one bite of the iconic chocolate cake enrobed with chocolate icing and Hostess' signature rich creamy filling leaves little doubt as to the source of Ding Dongs' enduring appeal.

6. "It's A Kids World" A 1976 Hostess Commercial

A kid's world is a special world and Hostess is a part of it- Hostess and kids, they go together...well they did but not anymore :-(

7. Hostess Fruit Pies The Magician commercial from 1973

Fruit Pie the Magician was first introduced in 1973! Created by artist Don Duga.

8. Let's Not Forget The Hostess Chocodiles.

These chocolate-covered Twinkies had a fierce following.

9. 1986 Hostess Pudding Pie Commercial

From 1986, this Pudding Pie ad featured a young Joey Lawrence.

The news that Hostess Brands Inc. is shutting down operations in the U.S. is particularly sad as it represents the death of an iconic brand, a brand that has been part of American pop culture for years.
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