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Wives Go Totally Insane When Their Men Buy The Toyota GT 86

There is not a man in the world who will not love this ad for the Toyota GT86 and not one woman, wife, girlfriend who will look at her man and say..."don't even think about it!"

The ad features the music of WU LYF and the song title is "Heavy Pop".

Ad Agency: Happiness, Brussels
Produced by Caviar
Directed by Arnaud Uyttenhove
Shot by Dimitri Karakatsanis
via: Amsterdam Ad Blog
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  1. Wu Lyf, the band whos music this is, has not consented to this music being on this add nor has recieved money or credit..... :(

  2. A major automaker like Toyota can't pay an artist or ask their permission to use their music in a commercial. You should be ashamed Toyota. Hopefully they recall this ad like they did all of Toyota's cars...

  3. what a great mistake by the production company, the agency and toyota, to use WU LYF's music without their consent and not paying the rights to use it. It's lame that the certain parts of the spot are directed in a very similar way than WU LYF music videos, (cast, high speed, jumping fences, etc) SHAME on all the people involved on the making of this ad


  5. Oh, Toyota... you might've just stolen the wrong band's music there.
    Also, everyone else: If you enjoy the music you just listened to, go buy it! It's WU LYF, Go Tell Fire To The Mountain. Just so you know.

  6. why u rip off such good song for ur fuckn bull shitty arse shitty car any way

  7. Toyota you are in big problems now. WU LYF is gonna find you

  8. Toyota may not have permission FROM THE BAND and they may not have paid THE BAND, but they definitely got permission from and paid someone. No one just grabs their favorite CD and pops that music on TV.

    Unfortunately, thats what you get when you sign to a label for a mountain of money. They find ways to recoup it.

  9. Toyota are thieving bastards

  10. Why would you use a band's music in your advert without first consulting the band? Embarassing behaviour, Toyota.

  11. Lucifer Youth coming at Toyota badadingding

  12. Aside from the music being used without permission of the band, I think this advert is insulting, melodramatic, and as WU LYF themselves said, sexist. Basically it's a pile of bollocks.

  13. Sexist & pretty much abhorrent ad. I'd like to advertise a divorce lawyer before I would advertise my car. I'll bet WU LYF's lawyers would too, Toyota. For shame on your irresponsibility.

  14. Dear Dirty Bastards,

    Withdraw this ad and return your choice of music to either those CGI rap group aresholes, or whatever middle of the road solo artist you seen an article about in last month's GQ. Keep your filthy paws of the music of those you neither have the right nor the credibility to use.

    Gareth Breeze

  15. Oh so when a private person decides to use music illegally you defend them but when it's a corporation you attack them? Please apply logic when doing anything...

  16. If you want to criticize Toyota for using music without permission, a comment here is the wrong place to sort it out. I assume that the ad was a suggestion for Toyota by the marketing agency (Happiness Brussels or similar), but that it was never used in a campaign. Somehow the ad leaked, probably to show the agency's work. Contact Toyota and the marketing agency through a copyright lawyer if you feel your rights have been violated. If you find this ad sexist or otherwise offensive, you could go to youtube and discuss it there with others who find the ad great. The title on youtube is "This Is How Your Wife Reacts When You Buy a Toyota GT86". I find the ad nice, but I am not interested in sportscars and wouldn't buy this one either. Maybe they could make an ad about a nice bicycle instead :-)


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