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Mercedes-Benz "The Journey"

Mercedes-Benz newest ad "The Journey." The spot features a young boy who takes himself on a journey and pretends to get lost repeatedly so the kind police officer can drive him home in Police Benz car.

The commercial features the music composed by "The German Wahnsinn Team" and vocals by Mia Spengler.

Ad Agency: Jung Von Matt
Author: Andreas Bruns, Gunnar Heuwold
Director: Andreas Bruns
Producer: Dominko Gudelj
DoP: Roland Stuprich
Editor: Philipp Ostermann
Production Design: Cosima Vellenzer
Sounddesign: Domink Leube
Music: Philipp Feit, Roman Rossbach
Singer: Mia Spengler
Post Production: Mark Dauth, Valentin Grünberg, Heiko Leitsch
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