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E*TRADE Baby "Boom" and Save It Super Bowl Commercial

Our favorite Baby is back in a new ad for ETrade. The ETrade baby shows us how to spend our money in the spot entitled "Save It." From playing Polo, running with the bulls in Spain, to going into space with his dog, relaxing in hot tub with a Panda and yachting.

Creative Ad Agency: Grey, New York
Chief Creative Officer: Tor Myhren
Art Director: Corel Theuma
Assistant Producer: Sophia Pellicoro
Copywriter: Peter Holmes, Jonathan Koffler, Pieter Melief
Creative Director: Kimberly Kietz, AJ Mazza, Leo Savage
Editor: Alex Cohan - Vision Post
Assistant Editor: Jackie Helfgott
Director of Broadcast Production: Bennett McCarroll
Executive Producer (Vision Post): Gary Hirshfield
VP/Executive Producer: Kimberly Kietz
Still Frame Retouching: Vision Print Studio
Still Frame Retouching: Peeqmedia NYC
Art Producer: Ana Suarez
Associate Art Producer: Lauren Brunelle
Special Effects: The Mill - New York
Executive Producer: Jared Yeater
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