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Herbaria Tea "Fears" Commercial Will Scare The Tea Bags Out Of You

A commercial for Herbaria Tea entitled "Fears" demonstrates the calming effect of tea in an inventive and eye-catching way that just might scare the heck out of you. A devilish looking clown, the grim reaper, and Leatherface, remember him from the Texas chainsaw massacre all sink endlessly with a tea bag tied to their ankles in the hopes that this just might aid us in finding comfort with a soothing cup of tea.

Client: Herbaria
Product: Herbaria Calming tea
Agency: Jung von Matt / Neckar
Production Company: Tempomedia Filmproduktion
Co-Production Company: Filmakademie Baden-W├╝rttemberg
Service Production: Valentine Films
Creative Director: Norman Scholl
Executive Producer: Alexander Schildt
Producer: Christian Hergenr├Âther
Director: Andreas Roth
DoP: Roland Stuprich
Underwater Cameraman: Mike Valentine
Music / Sounddesign: The German Wahnsinn Team
Editor: Anne Beutel
Postproduction: Harvest Digital Agriculture
Clown: Paul Daniels
Death: Peter Harcourt
Psycho: Tony French
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