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Polka Dots On A Mountain By Toronto Start Up Agency For The DCMF

To raise awareness of the dangers of Melanoma for the David Cornfield Melanoma Fund, the creative team at Toronto based agency ThreeTimesThree painted polka dots on a Blue Mountain Resort ski hill. This ambient idea for The David Cornfield Melanoma was created to highlight the dangers of sun exposure in the winter. The main ski run at Blue Mountain was covered with giant polka dots made from food colouring. The dots represent the cancerous moles associated with melanoma. As the day progressed, skiers erased the dots as they skied down the mountain.
At the bottom of the run, the skiers encountered the DCMF Melanoma Base Camp where they received sunscreen, lip balm and informational brochures. Canadian Olympic Skiers, Julia Murray and Davey Barr were on hand for pictures and autograph sessions.

"We wanted to target a younger demographic at the hill since one bad sunburn before the age of 18 doubles your chances of getting melanoma" said Shelley Franklin, Executive Director of DCMF. "Skiers may not know this but snow reflects up to 80% of UVB rays and high altitudes increase the UV index. The good news is that the survival rates are 99% if detected early." said Shelley.

Agency: ThreeTimesThree
Creative Team: Craig Markou, Mark Tawes-Smith, Wade Makarus
Director: ThreeTimesThree
Client: The David Cornfield Melanoma Fund
Editor: Chris Reesor, Asylum Artists
Stills from the event can be seen at
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  1. Cool!!
    Thumbs up to whoever came up with the idea.


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