Sunday, March 10, 2013

Stuck in a creative rut? Think outside the canvas. Artist Steve Casino is a painter of nuts. Yes, we said nuts, peanuts actually and they are amazing little pieces of work.

Casino and his art have been very well received around the world so we had to contact Steve to get some insight into his creative process and the reaction to his nuts, this is what he told Great-Ads: "Having failed at many creative endeavors before I created these, it's fantastic to be this well-received in such a short time. Six months ago they didn't exist. Now there are galleries that want to work with me and suddenly I have options. There have also been commissions from all around the world with people who have seen the work online. That's a lot of fun in its own way. The clients have been really nice and had a sense of humor about it. Lastly, the "nut" jokes and puns have been funny to stupid to cruel. But I'm glad. Because if I'd painted these little pictures on anything else but a peanut, nobody would care!"

Fancy having a painted peanut of yourself or someone you love, for as little as $175 Steve Casino, The Painter of Nuts can do that for you and ship it out in a fancy little display case too!