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Meet The Zesty Guy - Kraft Zesty Italian Dressing

His name is Anderson Davis and he just made salad dressing sexy in Kraft's newest commercial for Zesty Italian Salad dressing. This dressing smells a lot like our old friend Isaiah Mustafa and Old Spice.
Advertising Agency: TBWA\CHIAT\DAY, LA.
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  1. his name is not christian gray lol

    1. His name is Anderson Davis, correction made.

  2. They say sex sells anything. How unfortunate.

  3. An Italian dressing made with canola/soy oil and no olive oil - YIKES??? I don't care what he looks like - he's an idiot!

  4. I care what he looks like...and he looks good! Canola oil did his body good.

  5. Please t.v. executives....take note: MORE SEXY MEN COMMERCIALS... I'm tired of the obsessive amount of females...women are the ones who go shopping for what you are marketing!

  6. The reason this works is that it frankly funny, not because it's sexy. Yes, it plays on the old stereotype of using a hot person to sell a product, but it successfully reverses that figure from the usual female to male.

    Plus, this actor/model gives attitude perfectly, walking the line between healthy innocent and lusty man beautifully... he gets you bothered without feeling threatening. On one of the TV ads, he playfully spanks his dough, the camera zooms in for a butt shot while he takes the crust out of the oven, and in another his shirt gets ripped off him while he looks into the camera with a gently knowing smile and softly says "Oops."

    Big kudos to the agency and to Anderson Davis for being able to pull this off. I'm an old FCB person, and wish we'd had a campaign this fun.

  7. I'm a 67 year old grandma and I want to watch these commercials all day!!! Thanks to whomever found Anderson Davis!!

  8. I agree, more sexy males commercials!

  9. he's doing for Salad Dressing what Lucky Vannos did for Diet Coke

  10. Anderson Davis is hot with a capital H! Let's see more of the zesty guy. Yeah!

  11. The first time I saw this it set me on fire! Really got my attention!! I actually remembered what he was selling!! You can bet I will be reaching for his brand always. Take me away me away Anderson and don't forget the dressing. I'm in the mood for a fire!! Is he selling anything else, 'cause I'll be first in line!! Can you believe I'm 67!! At least I know I'm not dead!!


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