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Toronto's Bata Shoe Museum "Out of the Box: The Rise of Sneaker Culture" Exhibition

Toronto's Bata Shoe Museum, one of the world's largest and most comprehensive collection of shoes and footwear-related artifacts recently had the "Out of the Box; The Rise of Sneaker Culture" exhibition created and designed by famed international designer Karim Rashid that documents the sneaker history from the 1800's to today.

Eventscape was brought in to engineer, fabricate, and install the complete exhibition; literally from the floor finish up to the ceiling. To showcase the prized sneakers, the sleek design incorporates 32 translucent pedestals, a 40 foot long display case, an acrylic entrance screen, five integrated inset wall displays, and seamless printed graphics throughout.

The primary challenge was to engineer a system that would meet all the rigorous museum grade structural requirements of security, accessibility and durability while adhering to the narrow budget of a one-year long exhibit. Eventscape was able to achieve this without sacrificing the clean, flowing aesthetic of the design.

Below, check out a cool time lapse of the 3rd floor gallery being transformed from an empty space to the exhibition itself.

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