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Penelope Cruz's Directs New L'Agent by Agent Provocateur Web Film Ad That Features Sister Monica

Penelope Cruz unveils her first collection for Agent Provocateur: "L'Agent" by directing and producing this new ad A/W 2013 Collection. Model Irina Shayk and Javier Bardem star in the film which is basically a luxurious home full of lingerie clad women and Javier, of course it's all just a dream.

Behind the scenes...

Delve behind the scenes of L'Agent's Autumn Winter 2013 Campaign - Penelope Cruz's directorial debut starring Mónica Cruz, Miguel Angel and Irina Shayk.

The Autumn Winter 2013 campaign is a highly--charged, voyeuristic experience from the viewpoint of our leading man Miguel Angel. When he dons his L'Agent sunglasses he's instantly gratified with a view of the party as everyone would wish to behold it - sans clothes. As he cruises from one room to the next, suddenly every woman at the party is seen just as God intended: wearing only L'Agent lingerie.

Suddenly the music drops and something catches our handsome protagonist's eye. Slowly, sensually descending the stairs in vertiginous heels is the hottest girl at the party - Irina Shayk.

Music is Sexy Toy,(FM) Original By Optimist.
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  1. Irina Shayk is gorgeous, because she's of mixed race


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