Morgan Freeman Visa "Aquarium" Commercial

The new Visa Go commercial advertising campaign Aquarium by the TBWA/Chait/Day ad agency creates a visually pleasing new commercial narrated by Morgan Freeman. In the spot Freeman asks us when the last time was went to the "Aquarium" with our daughter, the ad is obviously aimed at the 30 to 40 something men with their Visa cards in their wallets.
The music in the Visa GO Aquarium commercial is by The Moody Blues and the song is called Tuesday Afternoon, it was released back in 1967, but didn't become a hit until 1972, for those of us old enough to know the song you'll remember how we never went a Tuesday without hearing this on the radio.

Agency: TBWA/Chiat/Day, Los Angeles
Executive Creative Director: Rob Schwartz
Group Creative Director: Patrick O?Neill
Art Director: John Dwight
Copywriter: Paul Sincoff
Agency Executive Producer: Guia Iacomin
Agency Senior Producer: Veronica Beach
Agency Producer: Aileen Baliat
Production Company: foreignfilms
Director: Matthias Zentner
Executive Producer: Federico Fasolino
Line Producer: Gustaf Richter
Post Production: Velvet
Post Executive Producer: Gustaf Richter
Editor: Jochen Kraus
Flame Artist: Sylvi Roessler
Shake: Manuel Voss,
Christian Stanzel,
Viktoria Herbert,
Tobias Wiesner
CGI: Blackmountain
VFX Supervisor: Abdelkareem Abonamous,
Andreas Illenseer
Director of Photography: Torsten Lippstock
Underwater DOP: Didier Noirot
Sound Design: Amber Music
Executive Producer (Amber): Michelle Curran
Morgan Freeman Visa "Aquarium" Commercial Morgan Freeman Visa "Aquarium" Commercial Reviewed by Sylvia G on Thursday, March 05, 2009 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

Stunning, visually exquisite commercial. Brilliant!

Anonymous said...

Awesome commercial. The visuals are outstanding. Where did they film this?

Sylvia G said...

That is a great question, I'll try to find out where this was filmed and post it asap.
Thanks for the feedback

Anonymous said...

Tuesday Afternoon was a hit in 1967. It was Nights in White Satin that was a minor hit in 1967 then hit #2 Billboard in August or Sept 1972. Sales of the album from which both songs were taken, Days of Futre Passed, prompted more airplay for Tuesday Afternoon as well but it wasn't the single. Timeless songs.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice that the voice seemed to change during the commercial? Especially the last couple of lines...didn't even sound like Freeman. Maybe they needed a re-edit and tried to duplicate the voice?

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention it was filmed on location at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. The tickets were the same. They allow people to pay-to-play scuba diving and snorkeling in the 6 million gallon tank with the Whale Sharks, hammer-head, grouper, and hundreds of stingrays! It's awesome and worth every penny!

Anonymous said...

We noticed the change in voice-over, too. There must surely have been some sound editing that didn't quite turn out.

Anonymous said...

well the last comment is " more people go explore with Visa" and it is clearly not Morgan and probably not meant to be.

the music is very cool- from 1967 Justin Hayward and Mike Pinder of the Moody Blues showing off the new sound( in 1967) of the mellotron !!! Many a young hippie tuned in and turned on to the Moodies. Morgan Freeman hit the big time in the movie Brubaker w/ Robert Redford in 1980 or so.

Norman said...

I am not a fan of commericals, but if a commerical could be called art this is it. It is one of the most beautifully haunting visual/audio themes I have ever seen. It brings one a sense of peace and joy at discovering what the oceans of the world and the aquariums can hold for us.

Anonymous said...

I love the music and the art of the commercial, but to be completely honest, when the water morphs into the little girl's face, it kinda creeps me out. It just looks weird.

Anonymous said...

Stunning commercial. I could watch a half hour version of this. Kind of Fantasia like. Bravo!

cate said...

Agree with Anonymouse of April 9; 5:58 PM. Great music, great visuals and suddenly the creepy change to face.

Anonymous said...

Well I am inspired and I am taking my daughter to the aquarium, and yes we are going on a Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

i heard or read somewhere that this was filmed not at the Georia Aquarium but the Monterey bay in California

i LOVE that song. oh how i wish i was old enough to have been there in that smokey room watching them perform. a simpler, beautiful time it seems

peggy said...

Totally stunning. Advertising can be an art form.

Cheryl said...

I'm 23 and grew up listening to the Moody Blues with my 'oldies' parents. I saw them in concert luckily a little over a year ago. They were AMAZING! I encourage anyone to see them--if a girl who enjoys pop and hip-hop can like this, anyone can.

Anonymous said...

I worked at the Monterey Bay Aquarium for quite a while, and I don't think it was filmed there.

Siddharth said...

I find the ad extremely irritating. I know The Moody Blues are demi-gods and all that, but frankly - I hate the song. And the ad? The concept has nothing to do with a Visa card. They could've made a much better ad.

RCB said...

If you Google the Visa Aquarium question, you can read responses that assert locations that include Chicago, Georgia, Maui, California, and Canada. So what is the straight scoop? According to an inquiry response from the Visa website... "The 'Aquarium' commercial spot was shot at Two Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town, South Africa. You may find more information on their website (".

Anonymous said...

This ad is kind of creepy since the rumors of Morgan Freeman dating his step daughter surfaced.

Anonymous said...

This area is currently being blitzed by this commercial, advertising the aquarium in Litchfield Park, AZ. Voice doesn't sound at all like Morgan Freeman; maybe a different voiceover. Have always loved the song but since the promoters have gone beyond overkill with this ad, hitting the mute button now when it comes on. Do agree with above poster; the change from the sea creatures to the girl's face is jarring. Love the rest of the visuals, though.

Anonymous said...

When was the last time you took your daughter to the aquarium on a tuesday ... ON ACID! Really, wait for it ... there's a space for it and everything. And you have to admit, it's a trippy commercial!

Vincent said...

I don't think the transition is jarring - I think it moves the story along.

Who is the kid in the commercial, and has she appeared in anything else?